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About Us

Mg Remaps Chip Tuning Upgrade is an automobile software developer that produces 100% in house (chip tuning) software solutions designed to provide a more comfortable, refined and enjoyable drive by taking into account the potential power and limits of the vehicle’s infrastructure and engine interior elements. Also operates to produce powerful, more economical and healthier automobile software by remapping the standard software on the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is located in motor vehicle and called the car's brain. This developed software process is called "chip tuning" or "remapping" in the automotive industry.

R&D is always a necessity in the ever-changing and developing automotive industry. Since its establishment, Mg Remaps has always invested in technological competence and technical equipment in this direction and works with the industry's most advanced equipment. As a matter of fact, it is in the position of both the user, the active producer and the reseller of WinOLS, one of the leading ECU software's content change and map editing applications in the "Tuning" sector.

MG Remaps as a total of more than 20 within the borders of Turkey and Germany on our dealer network. Mg Remaps is always at the closest location to you.

Mg Remaps is against the ready-made file application system, and all our software are prepared privately considering the vehicle specifics and user demand.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned cost reduction policies in all sectors in the world are affected the automotive sector too, and these cost reduction policies are running unlicensed in sector, imitation teams of some companies that provide services in the sector. However, it is very hard to understand this situation for customers. In this context, it is our greatest sensitivity to consider the health of your vehicle's brain 'ECU' and electronic components. So that none of the MG Remaps dealers uses clone devices. We serve with original, licensed and up-to-date devices in all our centers. The use of original devices during software transfer, minimizes the potential risks on the electronics on your vehicle.

Due to our sensitivity about the devices; We can safely perform both the old generation and most of the current vehicles by applying the method which is called ‘’bench’’ or via the ‘’OBD’’ port without having to open the brain of your vehicle.

Mg Remaps always continues its activities in order with approaches in the footsteps of our national and moral values with systematic, dynamic and disciplined way. That is why most of the relationships that begin with the software needs of our customers turns into sincere friendships and Mg Remaps family grows day by day with these sincere bonds of friendship.

As Mg Remaps, we produce automobile software for both chip tuning and various malfunctions. Some of those; speed limiter solution (VMAX), performance software, fuel saving / economy software, DPF failure solutions, EGR failure solutions, ADBLUE failure solutions, DTC and NOX failure solutions are among the services we offer. In addition to these, for users who demand more, the tested and proven special projects and set-up processes that we have obtained as a result of our R&D studies that can offer high performance to many cars, including DSG tuning and VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat), are among our applications.

At the same time, as a performance and breakdown solution partner for heavy vehicles and tractors, we stand by both commercial vehicles and our farmers.

As Mg Remaps, we are always in search of better service and we are at the closest position to you.