Frequently Asked Questions - MGREMAPS | Chip Tuning Upgrade


1Is Chip Tuning Harmful ?
There is no harm when chip tuning is done by experienced people. On the contrary, it has benefits. You can save fuel when you drive your vehicle stably. You can overtake more comfortably because of the increase in your occasional acceleration so that it reduces the risks.
2Is There Fuel Savings ?
Yes, but this is something in your hand. If you use your vehicle in the same way after chip tuning, you can save fuel.
3Do I Need to Change Any Part in Chip Tuning ?
There is no need for any part change or modification if it is Stage 1
4What is Stage ?
The process performed on each vehicle corresponds to different stages. Some of these stages change as Stage 1-2-3-4-5.,
5What is DSG Tuning ?
DSG Tuning is a type of gearbox used in VAG Group vehicles. Tuning process can be applied to these transmissions. Usually, it becomes a need after the Big Turbo process.
6Is Your Software Custom or Ready Packaged Software ?
We definitely do not use ready-made software files. As MG Remaps, custom files are prepared for each vehicle. After all, not every vehicle has the same structure at the same kilometers, so we definitely provide the best customer satisfaction by preparing custom files.
7How Long Does Applications Takes ?
Applications vary according to the processing density. The read-write durations of the vehicle brain affect this time. It generally takes between 1 and 3 hours.
8Can the Software Be Broken ?
No, since the software is not a mechanical part, there is no possibility of corruption.
9Will the vehicle be out of warranty ?
This situation depends on the process to be done, only when the soft stage 1 software is made, your vehicle will not be out of warranty because no mechanical part is changed. Since there are no tools that can read vehicle software in the services, they cannot understand that your vehicle is software.
10Can My Vehicle Be Returned to Its Original Form After Chip Tuning Is Applied ?
Of course, you can convert your vehicle to its original form at any time by visiting our MG Remaps dealers.
11Why Do Producer Companies Do Not Do This Process ?
The manufacturers produce the vehicles not only for one country but for hundreds of countries, so the vehicles are designed to work at -40 degrees to +60 degrees and they do not know you, so they are produced on a certain standard. We design this process according to your own geographical conditions, fuel conditions of our country and you.
12Can the (DPF) Particulate Filter malfunction be solved ?
Of course, we can solve your fault together by visiting my nearest loading center from the DEALERS section.
13Can the (EGR) Exhaust Recycling Valve malfunction be solved ?
Of course, we can solve your fault together by visiting my nearest loading center from the DEALERS section.
14 Can the AdBlue malfunction be solved ?
Of course, we can solve your fault together by visiting my nearest loading center from the DEALERS section.
15Can my vehicle’s speed limit have blocked ?
Of course, from the DEALERS section, we can remove the speed limit by visiting the nearest dealer or we can limit the speed to a different one. If desired, the speed limit can be activated in the vehicle if you don’t have one.
16Is It Possible to Check the Fault Lamp Is on in My Vehicle ?
Of course, we can solve your malfunctions together by visiting our Dealers from DEALERS section.
17Do You Only Build Software for Cars ?
No, software can be made for tractors, buses, trucks, trucks, motorcycles, in short, any vehicle with a brain.
18How Does It Happen When Power Increases Fuel Decreasing ?
When the power of your vehicle increases, you will automatically reach the speed you want to reach faster, you will be pressing less gas for the same speeds and you will save money because your vehicle will not lose performance on ramps.
19Is Software Applicable to Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Transmission Vehicles ?
Yes, there is software for vehicles with all kinds of transmissions. We even have a lot of R&D studies and applications on DSG gearboxes.
20I am not satisfied with the chip tuning application or it did not meet my expectations. What can I do ?
You can contact the dealer with the application within 7 days, you can request a revision in the software or you can get a refund by reloading the original software of your vehicle.>
21Will It Shorten My Vehicle's Life ?
No. The operations performed have nothing to do with the life of the engine. Each part may break down one day, it has nothing to do with the software, after all, each part has a lifetime. If you maintain your vehicle regularly and without missing maintenance times, your vehicle will not have any problems.