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What is Chip tuning / Remapping?

Called as 'Chiptuning' and 'Remapping' in the automobile sector interchangeably, these terms may cause confusion. In order to solve this confusion, it is necessary to touch on the functions of concepts and applications. Contrary to popular belief, Chip tuning is a "hardware" that includes software, that is, a modification process by mounting the hardware between the various sensors present in the motor and the actuator. Due to the disassembly and programming of the existing microchip (eprom) in old generation automobile brains, it is settled among public as Chip Tuning since the beginning. However, it is possible to recalibrate and program the defined standard software without adding any hardware on the electronic control units (ECU) on the today’s automobiles. The existing software can be reprogrammed without the need for any chip or box tuning derivative alternatives. Here, the name of the process of developing this existing software by reprogramming is called "remapping". Although there are different terms in terms of terminology, the name chip tuning has become famous over time and is now used extensively as the name of this performance-oriented reprogramming process.

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